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About The Height of Healing

Profound healing involves not just physical, but emotional and mental healing. The combination of these with spiritual healing—or fine tuning our connection to whatever we believe in that is bigger than us…Nature, the Universe, God, Spirit, your Higher Self—is the height of healing. This is what you can expect our focus to encompass as we work together to heal the whole you—body, mind, and spirit. 

Studying at Home


Wellness Coach
Reiki Treatment

Height of Healing Evaluation

Full physical, emotional, and spiritual evaluation with treatment plan. What to choose when you don't know what's wrong or where to start!

Chakra Diagnosis or Reading

Get a diagnosis of the current condition of your chakras - a snapshot of your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Or choose a reading when you want to check in on the effects of your hard work and progress!

Reiki or EFT/Tapping Session

Choose Reiki when you need Lindsay's gentle healing or learn EFT/Tapping so that you can heal yourself at home!

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Online sessions worldwide! In-person in Arizona

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